Tramandai Wind Farm


EDP Renewables
Tramandai, Brazil

Energy – Wind

The Tramandai Wind Farm produces 70 MW of total power and includes 35 wind turbines of 2000 kW each. Our team provided project design services, tender books, and construction supervision services for this unique project, which is located between the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Lagoa do Gentil to the west, to be comprised of mobile dunes (with an average speed of displacement of 65 feet/year) and interdune areas characterized by an almost generalized upwelling of the water table. The project included design of 9.3 miles of inner roads in the embankment (with a height exceeding 4.6 feet in areas with outcropping water table, almost 90% of the road length) attached to the road berms to provide wiring in order to avoid trenching in saturated sands (risk siphoning). The project also involved design of dune fixation works and 16 piles of 65-foot foundations per wind turbine. In addition to the design, complete construction supervision of the wind farm was provided as a technical assistance to the developer in order to ensure the quality of the construction. Economic, technical, and quality control were held in the reception of materials and implementation of different work units.