Mount Signal Solar Plant


AES Solar
Imperial Valley, CA

Energy – Solar

AZTEC provided preliminary and final design services for the development of a 2700-acre, 350 MW photovoltaic (PV) solar plant approximately five miles west of Calexico, California. This project involved the planning and development of several alternative PV plant layouts using various panel layout configurations with either fixed tilt or single axis tracking panels. AZTEC performed all of the preliminary and detailed civil, electrical and mechanical design for the project including development of the Owner’s specifications for the plant. Included in our scope were production of design plans for grading, drainage, roadways, array layout configurations and detailed design of the PV plant systems. A drainage report was also developed and submitted. The electrical and mechanical design of the PV plant involved preparation of design drawings for the tracker block layouts and details, trenching and cabling design, inverter details, security system design and grounding and single-line diagrams. AZTEC also performed survey services for the project.