I-595 (PPP)


Florida Department of Transportation
Broward County, FL

Transportation – Highways

AZTEC performed the design of two of the seven zones on the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) I-595 Express Corridor Improvements PPP. The project consisted of the reconstruction of the I-595 mainline and all associated improvements to frontage roads and ramps from the I-75/Sawgrass Expressway interchange to the I-595/I-95 interchange, for a total length along I-595 of approximately 10.5 miles, and approximately 2.5 miles on Florida’s Turnpike. Key to this project was the construction of three ground-level reversible express toll lanes serving express traffic to/from the I-75/ Sawgrass Expressway and to/from SR7, with a direct connection to the median of Florida’s Turnpike. These lanes will be operated as managed lanes with variable tolls to optimize traffic flow, and will reverse direction during peak travel times.

In addition to final design, AZTEC staff participated in the upfront pursuit of the I-595 PPP project by designing 30% plans for the corridor along with making strategic geometric analyses for improved traffic flow. This work involved intense team involvement with the client, the concessionaire and the contractor, which contributed to an excellent PPP product.