3rd and 5th Avenues Roadway Modernization


City of Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ

Transportation – Municipal

The 3rd and 5th Avenues projects successfully implemented the first 2-way cycle track in the City of Phoenix, setting a cornerstone for future multi-modal modernization projects to further enhance the City’s Bicycle Friendly Community status. The project balanced the needs of emerging bicycle and pedestrian communities, historic neighborhoods, and new downtown developments. This included conversion of one-way to two-way automobile circulation in new development segments while maintaining one-way circulation with lane reductions thru historic neighborhoods. An innovative traffic signal incorporated both vehicular and bicycle only phases to transition between the 2-way cycle track adjacent to 1-way vehicles and conventional bikes next to 2-way vehicle circulation. AZTEC’s comprehensive public outreach approach, including a 3-day public charrette and 1-on-1 stakeholder interviews, helped to develop trust and confidence with area stakeholders to keep the project moving forward.