Avenida Rio Salado/Broadway Road


City of Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ

Transportation – Municipal

AZTEC served as the Program Management Consultant for five out of six segments of this nearly 7-mile-long project that serves as a high capacity major arterial for the City of Phoenix. The project is located south of the Salt River and extends from the proposed I-10 Reliever (SR30) and the South Mountain Freeway (SR202L) to 7th Street. It involved significant coordination with the City, the Arizona Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, local utility companies and the public. AZTEC was responsible for managing, coordinating and reviewing the final design plans prepared by each of the five different engineering consultants. These design plans included grading, paving, lighting, storm drain and utility relocation designs. AZTEC previously provided preliminary engineering for this project, which included developing, evaluating and recommending alternative corridor locations, resulting in the preparation of an Enhanced Project Assessment and Environmental Assessment that laid the groundwork for final design.