Tonopah Desert Recharge


Central Arizona Project
Tonopah, AZ


AZTEC completed the Clean Water Act Section 404 and Section 401 permitting documentation for the Central Arizona Project (CAP)’s, 541-acre Tonopah Desert Recharge project. The project involved constructing a series of pipelines and installing pumps to transport approximately 150,000 acre-feet of Colorado River water each year from the CAP canal to a series of constructed ponds for storage/recharge purposes. The project would store approximately 2,000,000 acre-feet of water over 20-years by recharging into the Lower Hassayampa sub-basin and would allow the CAP to deliver its full entitlement to its customers in future years. The specific Clean Water Act activities for this project included evaluations of potential impacts to threatened and/or endangered wildlife, native plants, floodplains, water quality, and cultural resources.

AZTEC prepared the following deliverables:

  • Section 404 Clean Water Act jurisdictional delineation with a hydraulic evaluation (modified HEC analysis)
  • Section 404 Individual Permit documents
  • Section 401 Water Quality Certification documentation
  • Obtaining various individual permit documents