Salt River Tempe Reach Low Flow Channel


City of Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ


AZTEC assisted the City of Phoenix Aviation Department to reduce or eliminate wildlife habitat in the Salt River east of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Wildlife presents a hazard to airport operations. To assist in decisions being made, AZTEC completed a wetland delineation, conducted protocol surveys for Yuma Clapper Rail, and prepared a Biological Evaluation. After resource information was gathered and could be used in decisions being considered, AZTEC prepared final design plans, specifications and a cost estimate to re-construct the existing low flow channel (LFC) from the existing Reach 3 City of Phoenix LFC located approximately 800 feet west of the SR143 right-of-way to a point approximately 600 feet west of and downstream of Reach 4. It also consisted of rock excavation, de-vegetation of several depressed areas, and placement of fill material in one depressed area known as the “scallop area”, and constructing a maintenance road adjacent to the LFC. AZTEC’s survey group performed field surveys to verify the existing topographic conditions in the river. We also performed 3D modeling of the existing and proposed channel and provided earthwork quantities.