US60 (Grand Avenue), 71st Avenue to McDowell Road Field Services

Field Services

Arizona Department of Transportation
Phoenix and Glendale, AZ

Field Services- Survey

This corridor encompassed two right-of-way projects, one project within the City of Glendale and one project within the City of Phoenix. AZTEC performed a field survey of the 9.4-mile-long corridor. To expedite the schedule, we obtained the vesting deeds to develop the preliminary existing right-of-way corridor in lieu of the existing right-of-way report, which was incorporated later into the project. AZTEC prepared Results of Survey Maps and base mapping plans for both projects. In total, the effort included approximately 60 parcels and right-of-way plans consisting of 90 plan sheets. AZTEC also performed right-of-way staking for appraisals for both projects.