Advanced Guideway System (AGS) Feasibility Study


 Colorado Department of Transportation
Jefferson & Eagle Counties, CO

Rail/Transit – Rail

AZTEC served as the Program Manager to determine the feasibility of a new High Speed Transit (HST) connection along I-70 from the Jefferson County Government Center in the Denver area to Eagle Airport, which is located on the west slope of the Rocky Mountains, with an ultimate extension to the Denver International Airport. This 118-mile route traverses the Rocky Mountains and will be the first HST system ever built in mountainous terrain. AZTEC developed a program to solicit proposals from technology providers and public-private-partnership (P3) developers to construct this advanced guideway system (AGS). We also provided expert technical assistance to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) for development of the AGS in the areas of alignment, tunneling and structures, as well as financial, institutional and environmental considerations. The AGS is a key element of the preferred alternative identified in the Programmatic EIS developed for the I-70 Mountain Corridor by CDOT. A key finding of this study was the feasibility of deployment of a high-speed Maglev system as the preferred technology.