Digital Services

Our Digital services practice provides national and international expertise applying technology and tools to improve the delivery of projects. 

We develop any type of strategy for Digital implementation, Digital delivery, Building Information Modelling (BIM), simulations, visualizations, and digital construction activities during the whole LiveCycle of the projects (planning-design-construction-O&M).

Our Digital service capabilities include:

A multidisciplinary team integrating all disciplines related to digitalization, including:

  • BIM/GIS/CAD Management
  • Information Management (Including ProjectWise, ACC and integration with SharePoint and other platforms)
  • BIM/GIS Integration
  • Digital Construction Activities
  • Project and Construction Management Information Systems (PMIs)

We are experts implementing Electronic Data Management Systems (EDMS) and Common Data Environments (CDE).

We have extensive knowledge helping our clients to develop their Employer Information Requirements (EIR).

We are ISO 19650 Certified (BIM ISO certification).

We have experience helping clients with their digital journey, regardless of their core business within the construction industry.

We learn and apply new technologies to our projects, while constantly monitoring the latest available tools.

We develop and manage BIM models for our projects for:

  • Data Driven Decisions
  • Design Coordination and Clash Detection
  • Cost Optimization and Scheduling
  • Visualization and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Sustainability Options